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Europe, North America

We are an Italian software house, including international team collaborators, with 8 years of experience in software design and development. We build software from scratch or re-design it and support other companies’ teams, especially for industrial IoT, delivery, finance, medical, automotive and supply chain, working mostly for American and Canadian clients. We are proud sponsors of the Quasar framework and members of its core team.


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About Dreamonkey

Our stack includes Vue, Quasar, Laravel and, when requested, Angular too. We strive to produce high quality, clean and well-documented code, making it rock-solid by means of automatic tests. Our frontend follows the main guidelines of Google Material Design.

We are able to lead projects from the very start to their deployment, including requirements analysis, UX/UI design, design assets hand-off, development and setup of CI/CD pipelines on AWS. We can merge with the client’s agile methodology and, when requested, we can take care of project management too with a dedicated professional.

We have experience with different project complexity, from startup to enterprise-level. We can provide static UIs, working MPVs, fully operative SPA or mobile apps. We also split our team in order to provide the client just with the specific expertise that is needed, be it development, design or just a feasibility analysis.

If you need to integrate new skills in your team, we can structure a training program focusing on development or design topics of your interest and help your employees progress with dedicated lessons.

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